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Margot Reyes


Margot Reyes

Thesis Statement Writing for Essays - Do's and Don'ts       

Thesis statements provide a comprehensive look at the stance of the writer on the topic. Thesis statements are mainly of two basic types they either agree with the argument or oppose it, but a good thesis does more than that, it not only states the stance of the writer but also gives a rationale for the stance. A good thesis statement is enough for the reader to understand and decide whether to continue reading that essay or not and also lays out the progression of the essay ahead. However, some students go for an essay writer to help them with their essay-writing tasks.

A thesis statement is the main part of the essay and it is very crucial to write a good thesis statement because it cannot only define your essay to the reader but can also define the whole readership of your paper; as a reader, the first thing that attracts attention is the thesis statement, hence if the thesis statement is well written it will attract readership.

How to write an essay is basically based on writing a good thesis statement and it is not very difficult, although it requires a lot of attention for just one or two sentences and needs a good grip on vocabulary, if you have good knowledge of the topic and you follow few basic Dos and Don’ts, it will be very easy to write a good attention-grabbing all describing thesis statement.  

In the event that you know nothing about the subject, you can't anticipate that your essay should be remarkable assuming you begin writing about it at arbitrary.

Take the accompanying strategies to pick the best subject for your essay:
• Know your Inclinations
• Thin Down Thoughts
• Pick your Position
• Discussion is the Smartest idea
• Utilize the essay writing service highlight.

The Dos and Don’ts to follow are


1)      Specificity: be as specific in your thesis statement as possible, provide your stance on the argument very clearly, and use be confident and make bold statements about your stance.

2)      Rationale: Provide the reason(s) for the stance that you have taken so strongly, it is better to provide more than one reason but not more than three, three reasons are enough to convince the reader to read your paper.

3)      Services: hire write my paper service providers to write your thesis statement based on your essay is also a good idea because it results in a concise and professional thesis statement.

4)      Broader view: define the broader aspect of your essay in the thesis statement. The reader should know how you will be supporting your stance.

5)      Small sentences: use small and interesting sentences, it is better to split longer sentences into two or more sentences, this way it is easy to make the sentences interesting while remaining specific.

6)      Tone: make sure your tone is firm, confident, and bold but not bossy or authoritative.


1)      Vagueness: vagueness and dragging onto a sentence makes it boring and difficult to read. Sentences that do not make clear sense also drive those readers that read thesis statements as a deciding factor away.

2)      Every idea: the thesis statement is not the content table of your essay, do not write every idea of your paragraph into the thesis statement.

3)      The Goal: do not use statements that either show future work or the unclarity of your work. Do not use statements like “the goal of this essay”.

4)      Fact: Your thesis statement is just your opinion, not a fact. Do not write your thesis statement as a fact or law, use an opinion-oriented tone that expresses your stance on the topic.

5)      write my essay: opinions and stances on a topic are personal, every person has his own opinion and it is different from other people. So, if you are to write your essay, do not generalize your thesis statement.

6)      Surety: The thesis statement cannot express any doubt, your thesis statement is the result of your whole research and the essay you have written, so it has to show a strong stance. Words like “I think”, “I state” and “I believe” also do not make a good impression on the reader.

7)      Quotes and Questions: do not use quotes from questions in your thesis statement.

8)      Citations: because a thesis statement is personal to every writer it cannot have any citations or references, even if your rationale is dependent on a fact, that fact should be cited afterward in the paragraph.

We've provided a few astounding pointers on how to craft your next open statement such that it generates as much per-client interest as is logically possible. So get started right now, or ask a trustworthy essay writer online for assistance.

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