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James Johnson


James Johnson

Analytical essay topic ideas to get started – 2022

Writing an analytical essay is a cumbersome task. One does not only need to have good writing skills but also strong analytical skills like a professional writer to be able to write an effective analytical essay. In these essays, students are not only supposed to pen down the information about the respective topic or summarize the given book, reading, or visual content such as movies but what is needed is an in-depth analysis based on the information and pieces of evidence available in the respective source.

To write an effective analytical essay worth the A grade, one has to pick the right topic. Sometimes, students pick a difficult topic just to show off and impress their teacher but then end up asking for help. This is not right as I cannot ask anyone I need someone to write my essayso I can get appreciation but yes I can take help for better writingIf you do not want to be like such students, you need to behave and select a topic for your essay very cautiously.

Therefore, if given the option to select a topic of your liking, use it very carefully. You do not want to end up in a difficult spot. A professional essay writerunderstands the importance of a topic and how to cover it to write quality work. They would only select a topic that interests them.

Do you have to write an analytical essay? Have you been given the freedom to select a topic of your liking? Well, good for you, especially if you have a good topic for your analytical essay in your mind. Even if you have been struggling to find the right essay prompt, you do not need to worry anymore.

Here is a list of some good analytical essay topic ideas for you to start brainstorming:

  • Analyze why violence is prevalent in video games.
  • Why are violent video games popular among the young generation?
  • How increasing screen time is leading to depression and anxiety among people?
  • How do technological developments often prove to be counterproductive?
  • Analyze how divorce affects children.
  • How single parenting affects child psychology?
  • How can communication gaps between children and parents be reduced?
  • How does a paper writing servicework?
  • How does capitalism generate economic inequalities?
  • Is drug abuse a personal choice of addicts?
  • How does drug abuse lead to criminal behavior?
  • How is teamwork necessary for the achievement of organizational goals?
  • How to balance team goals and personal goals?
  • How can we take help from the personal essay writer?
  • Analyze how cars emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere are accelerating the process of     climate change.
  • How is the world temperature rising? What are the underlying reasons and how can they be resolved?
  • How sustainable energy resources can replace fossil fuels?
  • Is the United Nations making the world a better place?
  • Why is the UN failing to resolve the Syrian crisis?
  • Analyze the non-democratic nature of the UN Security Council.
  • How is the UNSC responsible for the ongoing Syrian crisis?
  • Why would nuclear states never give up their weapons of mass destruction?
  • Analyze the connection between Black Lives Matter and the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Why should the world pursue the nuclear zero agenda?
  • “America is a nation of immigrants.” Analyze.
  • How are the economic perspectives of Karl Marx still relevant in the twenty-first century?
  • What are the problems with present-day democracy?
  • How nationalism often leads to war?
  • What are some underlying reasons for the prevalent police violence in the US?
  • How is the increasing population of the world affecting the efforts toward the achievement of sustainable development goals?
  • Why is depression prevalent among college students?
  • How does a democracy become the tyranny of the majority?
  • Analyze the End of History by Francis Fukuyama.
  • How gender roles are presented in the Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins?
  • Analyze the Black Rights Movement.

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