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Jack Wilson


Jack Wilson

Guide to Write a First-Person Essay-Guide 2022

It is a persuasive essay in which the essay writer writes about the support or/and opposition to something.

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The topic may be debatable, controversial, and explosive according to different online essay writers. It should be written with the aim of persuading someone else to accept your views through logical arguments supported by facts and examples.

Your first-person point of view essay is going to argue on one side of the debate only. You are not supposed to criticize yourself in a First-person Essay but analyze everything from different angles. A beginner needs a quick overview with some guidelines before getting into it overhead deep in Writing Process so I have made this post just for you!

Ditch Traditional Essay: Personal narrative essays do not always follow traditional essay rules, such as the 5-paragraph essay, and are not limited to one main idea.

Thesis statement: Your thesis is where you state your own position on an issue by stating EssayWriterForMe… it communicates what the paper will be about. Now I am going to present some simple rules which I follow while writing my first-person essays there may be a few other things you need to take care of while creating one but these will do for now! The parts of the first-person essay (Introduction, Body, Conclusion) should not be mixed up instead they have their own place in this type of writing.

First paragraph or introductory paragraph: Use facts/information/statistics here. This can include prior studies by others - if cited properly. It must also include the thesis statement.

Intermediate paragraphs: Use the majority of your supporting material here, drawing upon facts from other sources when possible. Each paragraph should develop the point at hand in as logical a manner as possible.

Conclusion/summary paragraph: According to a professional essay writer conclusion should restate the main points and tie them together again without becoming repetitive (by providing new information). It should also restate your position on those points and what evidence you used to support it.

I present to you one of my first-person essays, which I wrote for one of my clients a long time ago! It is just an example so do not expect anything perfect… Have fun! :) ___The advantage of living abroad is that people get a chance to learn more about the world than just their own region. It makes them more tolerant and welcoming towards others as well to know that there is a wide variety of people living in different parts of the world that has its superiority over living in one country only. The article you are going to read will present my personal point of view on living abroad and why I prefer it over living in one country for sure!

The purpose of this essay is to inform about the importance/advantages of _living_ abroad as well as present reasons behind my preference for it __after trying experience—not for living always but at least for some time__ with parents who live here, US. At first glance, there may seem nothing special about it or maybe even negative sides but if someone would take a closer look at it then they would find out that there are a lot of advantages in living abroad. In my opinion, one of the main reasons for this is that people get to know not only their own country but those from other ones as well such as online essay writers.

One cannot be happy knowing just his/her own country even if he/she is born there from parents and lives there all his/her life. I believe that it's absolutely normal for someone to want to go see the world which is full of different countries, landscapes, climates, cultures, and traditions, etc. We live on a small planet and we sometimes forget about it! I think that each person on Earth should have an opportunity to see what else exists here aside from where they were born and where they currently live. This is why every person should at least visit those places which are in close proximity to his/her country. You cannot know if you like something unless you try it!

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