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David Jaxon


David Jaxon

Sample Argumentative Essay on “Virtual Entertainment Causes More Harm Than Good” – 2022

Argumentative essays are one of the most normally used and by and large renowned kinds of essays in the academic circle. Argumentative essays can be portrayed as the ones in which the writer presents an argument associated with the various sides of any particular issue. The case of argumentative essays prompts the writer to present the different sides of the issue and element the up-sides, as well as, the negatives associated with it in an identical manner.

While writing an argumentative essay, the writer at first revolves around his/her side of the argument and presents his perspective concerning the feasible topic. Thereafter, the essay writer service requirements to expand his/her circumstance with substantial crude numbers. This allows the writer to frame the reasons and persuade the group that his/her side of the argument is right and extensively recognized.

It has been seen that some students observe it trying to follow such a model and forget to write an expansive and fruitful argumentative essay. However, the assistance of a quality essay writing service could be accomplished in this matter which could simplify matters for the student and guarantee that the recently mentioned essay writing configuration is being followed satisfactorily.

The model that the argumentative essay follows integrates a show, which would consolidate the hypothesis statement and (if possible) a catch statement to get the notification of the perusers. Next follows the body of the argument which is used to frame the fundamental real factors to help your side of the presented argument. One decision that you can benefit of is the utilizing of an academic essay writer service that every now and again offers such sorts of assistance to students and assumes an important part in getting good grades.

The embodiment of the argumentative essay lies in its counterargument where the writer portrays the contrary side of the story and integrates the instances of the adversary side. These arguments are in like manner maintained by adequate real factors and experiences. Once more in the end lies the completion of the essay, where the writer sums up all of his places and (if important) presents a wellspring of motivation and suggests his/her mentioned hypothesis.

Test Essay

Virtual Entertainment Causes More Harm Than Good


 With the predominance of modernization in the contemporary world, the usage of virtual entertainment has significantly changed each circle of our neighborhood. The impacts of virtual entertainment on society have for the most part remained positive: however, there is a gathering among the neighborhood fights that online entertainment truly harms more than incredible. Focusing in on the notoriety of virtual entertainment, it has been significantly intertwined in the everyday endeavors of individuals overall and has doubtlessly affected the mental and real prosperity of individuals in a myriad of ways. Henceforth, it would be well-suited to guarantee that the immense usage of electronic entertainment has become an unrefined justification for discouragement, anxiety, social estrangement, and self-hurt among the youngsters of the world.


With the fuse of science and development in the group of friends, online entertainment has gained significant unmistakable quality, especially among the more energetic ages. However, virtual entertainment is still new to us which creates us ignorant about the damage that it can cause. As shown by the survey coordinated by Pew research concentrate, pretty much 97% of youngsters between the ages of 13 to 17 years old use something like one of the significant online entertainment platforms. However the ordinary young person between 13 to 18 years spends pretty much nine hours by means of electronic entertainment platforms, which has significantly raised the danger among adolescents and children.

The fundamental issue associated with online entertainment is that of stress and hopelessness. The assessment coordinated by the Pew research centers includes the way that wide virtual entertainment use prompts more anxiety and stress than it eases. The coordinated audit of close to 1800 people by the assessment local area includes that woman are more stressed than their male accomplices.

Plus, the survey remembered for the journal of PC and human direct seen that people who report extreme usage of virtual entertainment applications for the most part have a raised level of anxiety symptoms. While a near report influencing close to 1600 people highlighted the way that with the use of online entertainment, the bet of discouragement increments.

Furthermore, the issue of gloom, envy, bombarded associations, and absence of rest has moreover been brought to the fore. This shows that virtual entertainment has become an anathema for the mental thriving of individuals. In case you get puzzled anytime, do not keep down to ask a specialist essay writer to write me an essay so you can get good grades.

Counter Arguments

The promoters of online entertainment fight that the issues that are being associated with it, do not have any significant reason. Conflicting with the standard, online entertainment has allowed people from different social orders and characters to come together and connect with each other. It has immensely added to the group of friends as well as helped the education of the children. In the contemporary time of pandemics, online entertainment has allowed the young people and the educators to complete their educational work while remaining at their homes.


Researching the different sides of the argument it becomes clear that as everything has various sides, virtual entertainment can moreover enjoy its benefits and disadvantages. However, it significantly depends on the client with respect to how he/she decides to use it. Contributing wide energy would probably outcome in the defilement of mental and genuine prosperity, as well as, distance of the person from society.

The recently mentioned test essay would obviously allow the individual to get a handle on the fundamental style and illustration of an argumentative essay. While learning the tips and techniques of writing, such examples have helped me to write my essay in an adequate manner and I believe that it would doubtlessly help you in the future moreover. However, one thing is clear that at whatever point you have taken in the art of argumentative essay writing, it would turn out to be immensely helpful in your educational job.

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