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Dave Green


Dave Green

Writing the Perfect Introduction to Your Persuasive Speech

In college, you get to interact with students of different backgrounds, cultures, and heritage, which teaches you tolerance and the importance of cultural diversity. Your persuasive writing teaches you how to convey your perspective in a civilized way without hurting the sentiment of the opposition.

The speech needs to be engaging from the start to the end. Follow the guideline or hire online essay services to get the perfect speech. A professional essay writer can help you if you become stuck at any point.

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The definition of Persuasive speeches

This kind of speech involves selecting a particular topic, choosing a side to stand with, and explaining why you have formed your opinion. Your persuasive speech must be engaging and be able to hook the audience from the beginning.

If you are writing a speech that you need to deliver, you must include the tiniest details like hand gestures, pauses, and facial expressions. Remember that your goal is to convince the opposition; therefore, you should not use offensive phrases.

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Format of a persuasive speech

  1. Introduction: Start your speech with a catchy introduction. The first sentence should immediately hook the audience so that they are keen to listen to the rest of your speech
  2. Body: in this segment, you have to explain your view. Use credible sources and statistical data to back up your stance
  3. Conclusion: Restate the important parts of your speech and end with a rhetorical question that makes the audience think about your side of the topic.

Start brilliantly

Your introduction is the key to the locked door that prevents your audience from understanding your perspective. You need to take your time and design the perfect key for the greatest effect on the audience.

If you think your introduction is boring, hire an essay writing service and tell them to “write essay for me by the given deadline”. You have to ask them to include pauses and hand gestures for your ease.

  • The first few sentences are crucial. If they are interesting, the audience will want to listen to more of your thoughts. If you start off in a boring way and keep the interesting part for the end, the audience will not bother listening to your perspective. You need to spend most of your time crafting a balanced introduction that makes the audience listen.
  • It is also wise to start with a few questions. The audience will feel like you are interacting with them on a personal level which will eventually help them understand your perspective. You can ask questions in the middle and end of the introduction as well. The questions could be rhetorical in nature that make your audience think deeply about their own views.
  • Mention some statistical data that can boggle the minds of the audience. A boggled mind will be curious and would want to learn more about your views. Make sure the statistic is authentic and supports your claim. It is better to start your speech with this piece of information rather than adding it in the middle.
  • Your thesis should be perfectly integrated into the introduction. In one sentence, at the very end, describe what your view is and why you believe it is stronger than the opposing view. If you believe multiple reasons make your stance strong, mention the ones that are the strongest. Do not demean the opposing stance or use slang in the statement.

Follow all the guidelines that have been provided by the instructor. After you are done with your speech, re-read it and check for errors.

If you believe that the speech isn’t persuasive enough, don’t worry. You can google ‘write my essay’ and look for online essay writing services. They will prepare your whole speech for you.


A persuasive speech needs to be interactive from the beginning to the end. Use questions, statistics, and hooks to raise the curiosity of the reader. Keep the introduction short, interactive, and mind-boggling. Take help from paper writing service websites in case you're having trouble writing.

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