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Callum Morgan


Callum Morgan

How to Use Descriptive Words to Write an Effective Essay

Descriptive essays can help you alot in improving your essay writing. I am a proficient essay writer and over the passage of time I have realized that working with a number of different words on the paper is similar to the potter at the modelling wheel. As writers, we are always accustomed to slowly shaping our stories about travelling around the world or encouraging people to create and experience their own ideas in the bucket list. 

Are you worried about writing an effective essay with the use of descriptive words? If yes, then you are at the right place because this blog will help you with the correct use of those words. A well-structured descriptive writing can draw the instant attention of the reader into the story and provide them with the requisite details to proceed the action forward. 

When I wasn’t good at essay writing, I always took help from someone to write my essay for me. Eventually, I learned how to write essays and my vocabulary also got enhanced.

If you want to write an effective essay then following tips would help you a lot in using the descriptive words:

The most important mistake which is often committed by the writers is that they deliberately make use of the predictable words to elaborate or describe something for instance by writing a sentence like, 

“The white fluffy clouds were dotting the blue sky”. 

As we hear the word sky, we picturize it as something blue and dull of clouds. It is quite obvious. So, an essay writer needs to keep in mind that unnecessary use of predictable words can make the reader lose his interest in your writing. Therefore, you need to cut down the descriptive words out of your phrases or sentence structures. Instead, you can use the phrase, “the sky was full of clouds”. It is a shorter and more precise form to depict the picture. 

As you have cut down the unnecessary words from your essay and have omitted unnecessary details from the sentences, now you can add more words. When you would be pushing your descriptions in surprising and new directions, you would be engaging your readers in a more effective manner. The readers would be able to memorize the sentences for a longer period of time. 

You can make use of a more effective word such as “angry sky” or “boiling sky” instead of the “stormy sky”. It can be more expressive as compared to the unnecessary words. Always try to brainstorm the common adjectives to elaborate or describe the words which can be used in a more unique way to keep the content interesting and fresh. 

Sensory information can help you show instead of merely telling the story in a good descriptive writing. You need to pepper your writing with specific details which would appeal to the five senses of the readers such as listening, tasting, seeing, smelling and touching. Such senses give life to the scenes of life and make your content seem more interesting and richer. 

The figurative language is another important tool as a literary device which goes beyond the literal usage of language to elaborate and describe the people, things and events in a more descriptive way. 

The effective essay writing can make use of the comparisons like metaphors or similes (‘as’ or ‘like’) which can aid in painting a picture of the settings or characters. For example, when I write my essay, instead of saying “his nose was misshapen or twisted” I write “his nose was growing out of his face as a gnarled root”. 

There are a number of other figurative language usage such as onomatopoeia which uses the exact same use of words as their sound such as pitter-patter of rainfall. Similarly, the hyperbole can also create this kind of exaggeration in your writing (the doorbell was rung by him for a number of different times).

You have to give it a thought as you are writing from the perspective of a character, therefore you need to write “me” or “I” instead of using third person pronouns like “them” or “they”. Although it might not sound obvious, the descriptive element will help create a believable world for your story. 

As you are using the POV, you have to ensure that you are talking from the perspective of your character because the description should sound as if you are speaking in the right way.

If you want to create an effective description, you have to keep in mind that less is more. Try to include one or two interesting details as you begin to introduce the setting or a character and then the reader would be able to find the rest of the content. It can help the reader memorize the setting or the character in a better way instead of writing a complete descriptive paragraph for each character.

Lastly, you need to read the good samples for the descriptive writing when you begin to feel stuck at a place. You can look into your favorite short story books to see how other people use the grammatical structures in their writing. Then you can ponder how to use the same tactics used by them in your writing. It would be one of the most effective ways to inspire your reader.

Effective essay writing is one of the techniques which is used to give life to the written content. A student can take help from the professional essay writing service in this regard. It can not only help you in your essay writing but also in many other forms. 

I hope by now you would have understood the use of descriptive words in your essay writing. These tips can help create a lasting impression on your readers. Good luck with your writing! 

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