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Jose Kinch


Jose Kinch

Topic: How to write a literary analysis of a short story?

An essay writer should not get confused between literary analysis and a summary of a story. It is likely that many writers will write a summary when they are asked to write a literary analysis. But that is not the case, one needs to be thorough and clear when they write the analysis of a story. They cannot jump to a conclusion at the start, and they need to develop analysis from scene to scene to know more about the story's insights, tone, imagery, and hidden concept. One needs to be highly intuitive when they write a literary analysis.

Literary analysis is not easy to write, it is time-consuming and difficult to comprehend. Moreover, it requires command of literature along with the knowledge of the plot, imagery, and setting of a story. Not only these three literary elements. But there are many other literary devices of a story that the writer should know to compose a literary analysis. If you are ignorant of these literary terms, then you can ask a online essay writer to help you out. They have professional writers that can do your work or provide you an outline to follow. They will make your life easier. So, don’t worry if you have no idea what to do with the story’s literary analysis.

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However, if you want to rely on your own skills. So, here I have got a manual for you to help you. Whenever I write my paper belonging to the genre of literary analysis. I follow these tips and get it done in no time. Thus, make sure that you follow them right without skipping any step.

  1. The first step is to read the story twice with concentration. Make sure you highlight the main concepts or quotes of the story using a pen or marker. These quotes will be helpful in supporting your analysis.
  2. Then think about the story and find out the theme, plot, genre, concept, and lessons you got from the story. Try to think about the background, setting, and time of the story that could have created an impact.
  3. Then you need to use google search for the author of the story and see what kind of writing style he has, what time he belongs to, and a little about his life. Once you are aware of these facts, you can start reading the summary of different websites to get to know the story better and validate your thoughts.
  4. Now you need to find sources online to support your stance. You need to find literary analysis or critiques on the story available on google scholar. Scrutinize the findings of those research papers and get your sources ready at EssayWriterForMe

  5. After this step, you are ready to write an analysis. Start with the introduction, which initiates by stating the story’s name and introducing the author. Then give a brief idea about what the story is about but leave the summary for the second paragraph. After a brief information about the story write your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should include the setting, plot, lessons, and genre of the story that will be analyzed in the paper.

  6. After you have developed a thesis comes the second paragraph that is the plot of the story in the form summary. Summarize the whole story in one paragraph. Try to keep it short as it will divert the direction of analysis and confuse the readers too. You should make use of some literary terms in the summary to ensure that you are analyzing it from a literature perspective.
  7. Now move to the third paragraph that will talk about the setting of the story. It will involve the background of the story that caused a certain setting to happen. You should involve the characters and compare their traits with their setting. Use literature terms, and you can add a source in this paragraph to support your idea regarding the setting.
  8. The next paragraph can be about the tone of the author throughout the story. Every story has a tone that defines the mood of the reader at Essay Writer For Me. You must analyze it carefully and share evidence to prove the tone of the story .
  9. Next, you need to provide the lessons that the story imparts. You should not simply narrate them but analyze them. You should see that either the results were according to the standards and culture of the society or were they fictional based on the imagination of the author.
  10. After this, you should see any other characteristic or literary device used in the essay. If you don't find any other device, then you should move towards the last paragraph.
  11. Write a conclusion that restates the thesis statement. Then summarize all the body paragraphs in three to four sentences. Lastly, add the concluding statement that will include your remarks. Since it is your literature analysis, and it must have your remarks in a formal tone.
  12. Make sure to use an academic tone and avoid grammatical mistakes to write a flawless literature analysis of a story.

Using these steps, one can write it in no time. These steps are followed by many people. So, make sure you follow them right.

             Furthermore, if you are still uneasy to write one. Then help is always available, and you can surely consult anyone to guide you anytime or even write the whole literature analysis of a story at hire essay writers .

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