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Alvin & Calvin Waters


Alvin & Calvin Waters

The Machine Group was organized by recording artist, musicians, entrepreneurs and business professionals Alvin & Calvin Waters as they are dedicated to the success of their many business ventures. The Machine Group not only excels at all of the traditional record company functions, it also recognizes and incorporates new technologies such as video streaming, file downloads, and professional production facilities for sound recording, film and video production.

The Machine Group recognizes and promotes new and real talent with the objective of establishing long-term relationships or re-establishing the careers of extremely talented artists that have been badly damaged due to previous circumstances.

The Machine Group has built strong alliances throughout the world and have partnered with the Japan based company Avex Music Publishing, Keith and James Luxury Hats as consultants.

​Because Alvin and Calvin don't live by industry standard rules they are able to create numerous opportunities for many more producers and songwriters to join The Machine Group and they look forward to establishing only the best.

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