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Why a Layered Defense Provides the Deepest Security

Program Overview:

Most people think that only larger companies are targeted by cyber attacks; however, the reality is criminals don’t care how big you are – all that matters to them is getting their hands on your company’s sensitive data. Because of this, all companies need to do their part in protecting themselves and implementing cybersecurity.

Event Schedule:

2:00 PM | Kevin Hyde, Managing Director Layer 8 Security, Speaker

Best practices throughout a business, no matter how small they are. In this event, participants can expect to learn about the external cyber threats facing businesses today and identify what they can do to engage their organizations to advocate for better cyber posture.

3:00 PM | Michael DaGrossa, Director Security Amber Road, Speaker

Organizations struggle integrating the layers and provide end-to-end visibility. Will discuss ideas and pitfalls around integration, regardless of the size of the organization, as well as presentation of actionable items (dashboards, alerts, incident response). Organizer Stillwater Cyber Security Our mission is to bridge compliance requirements to cyber security.

Harrisburg Univ. Philadelphia Campus
492-486 N 16th St Philadelphia, PA 19130
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  • Kevin Hyde

    Kevin Hyde

    Kevin Hyde is an expert in establishing cybersecurity operational and governance policies for the

  • Michael DaGrossa

    Michael DaGrossa

    Michael is a recognized expert in the field, with over 20 years’ experience in information


  • Stillwater Cyber Compliance
  • Harrisburg Univ
  • Layer 8 Security
  • Risk Alchemy

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