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Introduction to Coding for Kids

Over the course of this presentation, students will experience demos, real-life career examples, and an interactive coding example. They will learn how to transfer basic programming skills across languages and platforms.

The meeting will begin with the question, “why learn programming?” There are many resources to learn how to code, but learning involves knowing that while one person may benefit from lectures or reading blog posts, others may learn better through online interactive video tutorials. Understanding how you learn is key to optimal learning.

Finally, the presenter will open up a text editor with the students and begin an interactive project with them to allow them to code themselves.

We will be building a basic tic-tac-top web application using vanilla JavaScript. The goal of this task is to use some of the topics and concepts covered during the discussion to allow the students begin coding themselves, and get them excited to learn more.

Harrisburg University
1500 Spring Garden St, Suite 101 19130
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