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Ideas to Action: Lean Startups for Communities of Color

Have a great idea and passion for a business venture but don't know where to start?… Start HERE!

Now more than ever, we must to bring more people of color and women into the funnel of creators and makers, and into technical product development, in particular. The barriers to entry have never been lower and too many African Americans, Latinos, and Asians are stuck in subservient, low-wage, service-related jobs that will soon be entirely obsoleted by automation.

This initiative will start with a 60 minute interactive seminar where we will teach people of color to apply the proven principles of the Lean Start-up model combined with the creativity, ingenuity, and resources already at our community's disposal to show how we can effectively bootstrap our ideas and create successful business ventures. The subject matter will focus on overcoming the unique challenges that traditionally limit minority access to the start-up community.

Venture Cafe Philly
3675 Market Street 19104
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