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HSX MarketStreet: A Solution for Healthcare Innovation Challenges

HSX MarketStreet: A Solution for Healthcare Innovation Challenges

As the nonprofit health information exchange for Greater Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley (including southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey) –– established by the major healthcare systems, payers, and other stakeholders in the region –– HealthShare Exchange has amassed a vast clinical data repository that grows daily with patient health and medical information. This expansive database and clinical information infrastructure for real-time and longitudinal health and healthcare information on more than 8 million individuals is now accessible for innovation uses!

With this unique model of secure exchange of record updates from insurers and providers, the new HSX MarketStreet platform is now a marketplace that creates opportunity for creation of new companies and jobs. Entrepreneurs with start-up innovations, and companies building new products and services, can now quickly overcome access barriers to consumer information.

With the innovators able to build on the data of the vast Philly-area healthcare industry, the MarketStreet offering will attract more technology and talent to the region. The platform will support Philadelphia’s smart-city initiative and expand collaboration with both the city’s health department and with entities evaluating and driving public health, health maintenance, disease prevention, fitness, and more. HSX’s new GRID population health dashboard reports trends, needs, and opportunities. These services will spur innovation around the health- and healthcare-related IOT. MarketStreet will help prompt the region to overcome challenges to attracting new skills, dreams, and investment.

Panelists for this interactive presentation:

Welcome & introductory remarks

Marty Lupinetti, President, Healthshare Exchange


Steve Barsh, Managing Partner, Dreamit Ventures


Gary Zimmer, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Quil Health

Adam Dicker, MD, Director, Jefferson Center for Digital Health, Jefferson Health

Martin Entwistle, President and CEO, Ares Health Systems

Rakesh Mathew, Chief Innovation Officer & Senior Director of Technology, HealthShare Exchange


2:30 – 3:00

networking / refreshments


• welcome & introduction

• panel discussion/presentation

• Q&A


additional networking / refreshments

American College of Physicians building
190 North Independence Mall West 19106
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  • HealthShare Exchange

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