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Silly Philly; Fresh Artists + Jefferson

Jefferson's Introduction to VR class has teamed up with the Philadelphia based, children’s art focused philanthropic organization, Fresh Artists, to create an entertaining and engaging VR experience.

Students from the class were given assets from Fresh Artist’s Silly City collection to create a virtual environment that puts the user directly into the kids artwork. The virtual environment consists of 3D objects, animations, spatial audio, images, and videos, with a larger goal of raising awareness around the organizations altruistic efforts.


  • Qi He (UX / Documentation)

  • Yanni Lambros (Animation / Space Designer)

  • Amy Patrone (Space Designer / Animation)

  • David Kahn (3D Designer / VR Dev)

  • Elliot Fisher (Project Manager / Graphic Design)

  • Brian Wood (3D Designer / Environment)

  • Bradley Cooper (UX / VR Dev)


  • Fredric Freeman (VR Instructor)

  • Mike Finnell (Technology Advisor)

Supporting Artists

  • Allie Alvarado (Sound designer / Music Director)

  • Roger Allen (Creative Direction)

Join us on May 7 at Jefferson East Falls DEC Center to hear about this creative project combining art, technology and architecture (and pizza) from the students who made it happen. Parking limited.

Jefferson, East Falls Campus
4201 HENRY AVENUE 19144
Map of location


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