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Democratization of XR: Extending Reality for the Public

Public Access has democratized and diversified TV and Radio programming in ways that leave us to consider what is possible if immersive media and emerging technology are included in Public Access facilities. Imagine a world where AI, VR, MR, AR, and 3D technology allow us to construct experiences as a community-driven public access utility. What are the implications or opportunities for our families, our neighborhoods, our schools, our public health, or our government when emerging technology is people powered media?

PhillyCAM is partnering with local creative studios, DVNC Tech, Night Kitchen Interactive, as well as media artists, Anula Shetty and Michael Kuetemeyer, to host various experimental installations for the general public to explore community engagement through digital technology. Projects on display from 12PM to 5PM.

DVNC Tech is an immersive reality studio formed by four creators and developers. Their passion lies in making content surrounding new media and cutting-edge technology. They believe in STEAM-based education, quality entertainment, and software that benefits society. DVNC's goal is to help users build relationships founded on the ideology of community. This is done through social experiences that bridge realities

Night Kitchen Interactive is a digital storytelling studio dedicated to producing immersive experiences for museums, science centers and cultural institutions. For over 20 years, we have applied our passion for interactive storytelling and participatory education to create solutions that connect organizations with their audiences. We are committed to designing creative, strategic and innovative digital solutions that tackle challenging subjects. Join us as we demonstrate Lost & Founders, an Augmented Reality mobile app that challenges the concept of a "Founder" and uncovers diverse stories of Philadelphians throughout history.

Anula Shetty and Michael Kuetemeyer are award winning media artists whose work has been screened at MOMA, the Flaherty Film Seminar and film festivals and museums worldwide. They are co-directors of the video collective Termite TV and have extensive experience creating video installations and teaching digital media to youth and community groups. Their immersive documentary work involves exploring new ways of experiencing a place and the oral histories that surround it. Current projects include Time Lens www.timelens.org, an immersive mobile App about gentrification and homelessness and Places of Power termite.org/power. They are interested in using VR, AR and mobile apps as platforms to distribute community and artistic media.

PhillyCAM, Philadelphia's public access television network, is a community media center that brings people together to make and share media that promotes creative expression, democratic values and civic participation.

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