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Definition of Done from AgilePhilly

In IT projects, developers need a firm definition of what needs to be done. Only this Definition of Done prevents scope creep.

These statements of work move a Vision toward real and achievable results – and they include more than tests to confirm that a task is truly DONE. Having good Definitions of Done will focus each member on the team and move the project forward effectively.

AgilePhilly, the user group for Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP for software project management practices is the sponsor for this event. Discounts are available.

This event falls on the day when the Transcontinental Railroad was DONE 150 years ago. When the waiting nation heard by telegraph of its completion, the message was a single word … D O N E

The afternoon of talks will be Onsite in Philly and Live-streamed on the net.

Harrisburg Univ . . . and LiveStreaming on the web
1500 Spring Garden St 19130
Map of location


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