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Data Driven - Success Stories from Philadelphia City Government

Real Estate Tax collection is at record highs while at the same time, the City of Philadelphia has reduced Real Estate tax delinquency by 31% since 2013.

How are we doing it?

We’re testing communications strategies and geo-targeted outreach, implementing predictive analytics for call campaigns to reduce water delinquency, and painstakingly cleaning up our data. We’re also using data to streamline the Sheriff Sale pipeline internally.

Join this panel of data-nerds and civic cheerleaders to learn about how the Philadelphia Department of Revenue is getting smarter about reducing delinquency and increasing compliance. Hear about our successes and challenges, and the next projects that will continue the positive trends.

Photo: Justin Grimes (justgrimes), Flickr

Innovation Lab - Municipal Services Building
1401 JFK Blvd 19102
16th Floor, Room C
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  • City of Philadelphia, Department of Revenue
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