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Data Analytics - Much more exciting than you might think!
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Whether it’s predicting failure rates in military aircraft or helping marketers to understand customer behavior, data analysts are constantly challenged by the need to find the truth. To take a series of ones and zeros and convert them first into information, understand that information, and with that understanding gain insight and knowledge which allows their customers to make good fact-based decisions.

Event Schedule:

Chris MacNeel, Lead Data Scientist Freya Systems - What is a normal day for a data scientist?

This presentation will walk through the day to day challenges for a data scientist and how they use data to answer customer questions or prove theories. We will look at the mix of skills and techniques a good data scientist will apply in this new and multidisciplinary career. The focus will be rich data analytics that makes aviation more efficient. The audience will gain an understanding of what the life of a data scientist is like as well as how to get the most out of data science/analytics in their own business. We’ll also share hints and tips on getting started in a career in data science.

Mary Kate Lo Conte, Group Account Director/Partner & Marina Eyl, Creative Director - How Data Analytics Drive Brand Strategies and Success

This presentation will focus on how branding firms use the crystallization of data analytics to impact the branding of companies in a range of industries. We will highlight the role data analysis plays in persona development and media strategies as well as the value of interactive dashboard reporting. There will be tips for presenting data in ways that engage internal and external audiences for industry professionals. And for those considering a career in data analytics, a look at some of the opportunities that exist in the agency environment will be reviewed.

Ben Johnson, CEO Freya Systems - Bringing analytics to life through visualization

This final presentation will be a fun case study using publicly accessible data, to illustrate how data analysis and visual presentation come together to answer questions for everyone. It will show how and analysis evolves to answer a real-world question “Can data analytics help me choose dinner?” in a visual and easy to consume way. Answer our Eventbrite questions and get a personalized perspective!

We will also be having some fun and mental warping exercises for you to participate in and refreshments and some light food will be supplied.

Headroom (Media)
24 Veterans Square, Media, PA 19063
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