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Clinical Innovators Forum presented by myClin/Clinical Works

In terms of healthcare technology, focus on the clinical trial and life-science industries, as a fertile market for technology innovators, is severely lacking.

The Clinical Innovators Forum is an event which seeks to educate the community on this exciting sector of healthcare technology. Modeled after our Clinical Innovators Summit, the forum will allow those interested, to be exposed to current leaders, organizers, and managers in the clinical space. Participants will learn about the current technology ecosystem, as well as some of the processes that are desperately in need of more digitally ergonomic assistance.

The event will begin with a thirty-minute networking period, where refreshments will be provided to attendees. It will be followed by two 10-minute presentations on the structure of human clinical trials and how they operate and are governed. Finally, the event will end with a thirty minute panel discussion featuring clinical trial managers, sponsors and coordinators, conversing with each other and attendees, about the challenges being faced in the industry, and how technology can be applied to remedy such challenges. After the panel discussion, time will be available for further networking and socializing.

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