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Access For All! A Digital Inclusion Networking Happy Hour

Did you know that in some Philadelphia neighborhoods over 60% of households still do not have Internet access? Thousands of Philadelphians have limited digital literacy skills needed today, not only for 21st century jobs, but to participate fully in society. We rank #8 on the worst connected cities list according to the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA). It will take all of us, those in tech fields to those in nonprofits and government, to help make all Philadelphians ready for the smart city Philadelphia must be to thrive in the 21st century. However, there is promise! NDIA has long recognized Philadelphia as ahead of the curve in developing and maintaining a strong community devoted to addressing digital access and equity.

The Technology Learning Collaborative (TLC) is a professional association of service organizations dedicated to increasing digital literacy which in turn can reduce poverty by preparing people for 21st century employment and life at large. TLC is hosting a Digital Inclusion Networking Event.

Please join us to:
  • Meet and greet leaders tackling digital literacy and digital equity issues across the city
  • Hear a "Lightning Round" of 5 minute presentations from the three major city-wide initiatives working toward digital justice: The Technology Learning Collaborative, KEYSPOTS, and the Digital Literacy Alliance
  • Share materials about your programs and your work with others doing the work
  • Learn how you can get involved and be part of creating a world where everyone has the access to technology and the knowledge to use it to benefit their lives.
The Critical Path Learning Center @ Philadelphia FIGHT
1233 Locust Street 19107
2nd Floor
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