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MESSAGE Session #6

Part of Introduced by Technical.ly

"Yes, You Are a Technologist!": Rebranding the Tech Scene

Writing code is just one foundational element of building technology today. The actual definition of a technologist is “an expert in a particular field of technology”.

Yes, that includes software engineers and web developers. But increasingly those who work in data science and user testing and product management and so many other areas of technology production identify as technologists too.

This is a question of vocabulary.

If you’re not a technologist, would you consider yourself tech adjacent? Why is one better than the other? Shouldn’t everyone that works for a startup or tech company be able to confidently pronounce they’re a part of the tech scene? Or does that muddy the waters?

In this panel discussion, we’ll explore how these hindrances to inclusion can be addressed and whether these phrases should be scrapped altogether.


  • Greg Ebbecke, Vice President, Business Intelligence, Harmelin Media
  • Amy Nelson, CEO, Venture for America
  • Vikram Pendli, Chief Software Architect, Genzeon Corporation
  • David Dylan Thomas, Principal, Content Strategy, Think Company and Creator and Host of The Cognitive Bias Podcast
  • Moderated By Stephanie Humphrey, Technology and Lifestyle Expert and Technology Contributor to Good Morning America and Strahan & Sara

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