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MESSAGE Session #2

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From Pipeline to Brand Loyalist: Crafting Your Community of Consumers

There are myriad ways a consumer may come to your doorstep.

From the traditional word-of-mouth to a paid Instagram influencer, the reason a consumer uses your product or service is not always easy to determine. Brand development happens over time, beyond what even analytics can always capture.

That’s why a full customer journey, from discovery to brand champion, takes an array of strategies, tools and constant review.

In this panel discussion, we’ll review how to track and measure the customer journey and what types of branding and storytelling can help you create the community of brand loyalists you’re looking for.


  • Liz Brown, Cofounder, BCKG and Managing Director, Backstage Capital Philadelphia
  • Ryan Cody, Director of Sales, DirectLync
  • YaYa Horne, Executive Producer, Tiny Room for Elephants
  • Will Walsh, Cross-Channel User Experience Manager (B2B - International Division), Vanguard
  • Moderated By Stephen Babcock, Assistant Editor, Technical.ly

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  • Liz Brown

    Liz Brown

    Liz is a proud generalist committed to utilizing her interdisciplinary skillset as an urban

  • Ryan Cody

    Ryan Cody

    Ryan leads the sales department at DirectLync. He has over 10 years of experience helping small

  • YaYa Horne

    YaYa Horne

    YaYa owns and operates Tiny Room for Elephants, a network of creatives that produces art and music

  • Stephen Babcock

    Stephen Babcock

    Stephen Babcock is the Assistant Editor for Technical.ly. Stephen Babcock began reporting for

  • Will Walsh

    Will Walsh

    Will Walsh leads a team of UX professionals in Vanguard’s International division and is responsible