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IMPACT Session #6

Part of Introduced by Technical.ly

Amplifying Civic Power: Using Art to Impact Change

As new investment flows into distressed neighborhoods, how can art and technology amplify the voices of long-time residents and ensure they have a say in how their neighborhoods change?

In this session, you’ll hear three different case studies on how groups used art to create the change they wanted to see in their communities.

Case Study #1 - Home Court: The Hartranft Basketball Court Revival

presented by The Village of Arts and Humanities

The Hartranft Community Basketball Courts, located near The Village in North Philadelphia, are a microcosm of our neighborhood’s history of arts, athletics, activism, and intergenerational guardianship — as well as severe disinvestment. In 2018, the courts were renovated by the Philadelphia Sixers and the City of Philadelphia, in partnership with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). The exhibit opened to the public on the day of the court ribbon cutting, ensuring that the renovation would not erase the courts’ past, but instead revive the spirit of community care and activism that built them.

Case Study #2 - TBD
Case Study #3 - TBD

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