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IMPACT Session #4

Part of Introduced by Technical.ly

Social Ventures: What are they and Why do they Matter?

There’s a growing movement of startups and entrepreneurs that exist not only to make money, but also to address social or environmental problems. These “social ventures” also have competitive advantages when attracting capital, customers, and employees.

Hear from social entrepreneurs and impact investors about why they create and fund startups that do more than focus on profit.


  • Margaret Bradley, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Ben Franklin Technology Partners
  • Sean Darras, Founder, LUXTECH
  • Emeka Oguh, CEO, PeopleJoy
  • Mark Switaj, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, RoundTrip
  • Leigh Wood, Investor, Board Member, COO and CFO, RealWinWin
  • Moderated By John Moore, Angel Investor, Social Venture Circle Philadelphia and Robin Hood Ventures

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  • Emeka Oguh

    Emeka Oguh

    Emeka Oguh is the founder & CEO of PeopleJoy http://peoplejoy.com/. PeopleJoy finds borrowers

  • Margaret Bradley

    Margaret Bradley

    Margaret Berger Bradley joined Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania in

  • John Moore

    John Moore

    John Moore is an angel investor with both Robin Hood Ventures and with Social Venture Circle

  • Sean Darras

    Sean Darras

    Sean Darras is a passionate impact entrepreneur who has been involved with numerous ventures

  • Mark Switaj

    Mark Switaj

    Mark Switaj is Founder & Chief Executive Officer of RoundTrip, a startup providing healthcare

  • Leigh Wood

    Leigh Wood

    Leigh has been an active member of Investors Circle Philadelphia, now Social Venture Network, since