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IMPACT Session #1

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Founding the Future: Empowering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

People always have a lot to say about younger generations. Stereotypical comments often pop up with the words lazy and entitled.

And while a whole new industry of “influencers” may seem beyond comprehension to many of us, the fact stands that they have found a way to monetize and craft personal brands through these social platforms.

But not every young person wants to be an Instagram influencer. Other words that are often associated with these generations are civic-minded and vocal.

If you subscribe to the notion that each new generation brings a more accepting, informed and innovative group of people into the fold, then instead of critiquing them, we should be giving them every tool they could possibly need to make the world a better place.

Many young people still don’t have access to quality education and most often that’s the most prominent in underrepresented communities. If we want future leaders, founders and innovative to be more diverse, informed and impactful, then we need to ensure they have the resources they need to turn their ideas into reality.

This panel will explore what areas are in most dire need of being addressed and which can be the most impactful for setting our future generations of entrepreneurs up for success. We’ll discuss resources, engagement, representation and real examples of what’s currently being done to address these needs.

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  • Anisha Sinha

    Anisha Sinha

    Anisha Sinha moved to Philadelphia to pursue an AmeriCorps opportunity, and quickly decided to call

  • Tiffany Yau

    Tiffany Yau

    Tiffany is a dedicated leader passionate about creating sustainable social impact through social