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GROW Session #5

Part of Introduced by Technical.ly

The Next Big Idea: Approaches to Innovation in the Corporate and Startup Worlds

Innovation means new approaches to old challenges. Though everyone wants to apply fresh thinking, often we stay stuck with what has come before us.

Corporations often have ample resources, but with detailed policies and procedures, progress can be held up with red tape.

Startups on the other hand, have the agility to move toward a big idea with speed, but have to balance long-term vision with urgent daily tasks that can become overwhelming.

So how do we balance the scales and work together toward progress?

This panel will bring in corporations and startups alike to discuss differing approaches to innovation and how they can work together and learn from each other to more effectively meet their long term goals.


  • Phil Charron, Executive Vice President, Think Company
  • Lisha Davis, Head of the Innovation Studio, Vanguard
  • Matt Gillin, Cofounder and CEO, Relay
  • Ebony Lee, Sr. Vice President, Strategic Development, Comcast
  • Kate Merton, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS
  • Moderated By Laurie Actman, Chief Marketing, Communications and Program Officer, Penn Center for Innovation

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  • Laurie Actman

    Laurie Actman

    Laurie Actman serves as the Chief Marketing, Communications and Program Officer at the Penn

  • Matt Gillin

    Matt Gillin

    Matt Gillin is the CEO and co-founder of Relay Network, an award-winning technology company that

  • Lisha Davis

    Lisha Davis

    Lisha Davis is the Head of the Innovation Studio at Vanguard, overseeing the strategy and execution

  • Phil Charron

    Phil Charron

    Phil is Think Company's Executive Vice President, overseeing organizational strategy, design

  • Kate Merton

    Kate Merton

    As Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS in New York, Kate is responsible for external

  • Ebony Lee

    Ebony Lee

    Ebony Lee is Senior Vice President of Strategic Development, leading strategy, financial analysis and