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GROW Session #4

Part of Introduced by Technical.ly

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Empathetic Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are hot topic technologies that can benefit users immensely. However, there is often a component of concern in that these technologies can be flawed and a perception that they can lead to more harm than good.

In three case studies, we’ll share examples of how AI/ML can be beneficial and how these organizations take steps to avoid potential pitfalls.

Moderated By Michelle Sipics, Principal, Accenture

Case Study #1

Presented by Steve Zemanick, Director, Consulting Services, CGI

Case Study #2

Presented by Brian Orrell, Chief Technology Officer, Pariveda Solutions

Case Study #3

Presented by Kris Skrinak, Partner Solutions Architect and the Global Machine Learning Segment Lead, Amazon Web Services Partner Network

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  • Brian Orrell

    Brian Orrell

    Mr. Brian Orrell has more than 25 years of technology consulting experience in a variety of

  • Steve Zemanick

    Steve Zemanick

    Steve Zemanick has more than 18 years of experience in the information technology industry with a

  • Michelle Sipics

    Michelle Sipics

    Michelle Sipics is the Senior Editor of the Accenture Technology Vision at Accenture Labs. The

  • Kris Skrinak

    Kris Skrinak

    Kris is a Partner Solutions Architect and the Global Machine Learning Segment Lead for the AWS