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Demo Floor - Discover

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Check out some innovative companies and the products they're working on.

  • Bresslergroup will demo Music: Not Impossible — the ‘surround-body’ wearable they helped develop that uses haptics to create a first-of-its-kind immersive, intuitive, and inclusive experience by translating music into tactile vibrations
  • See the Philadelphia insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion mural come to life with Yetzer Studio’s Philly Insects AR app!
  • Lokalphoto is a unique marketplace that lets clients easily search for and book all types of photographers by location, dates, etc.
  • Vestibular First creates simple, effective, affordable, and ubiquitous vestibular technologies.
  • Crowds is a marketing platform and an IoT solution that brings a continuous flow of customers to local bars and restaurants using AI Vision at the edge.
  • Recognizing that their clients wanted more alternatives to their live meetings and that virtual meeting technology often did not address their objectives, the Inception Digital team created Pando, the first-to-market solution that offers a face-to-face meeting experience delivered virtually.
  • Promobot is an autonomous robot designed for business purposes. It is able to communicate with people on any topic, recognize faces, answer questions, move around avoiding obstacles, move its arms and head, show various materials on its display and integrate with third-party devices and systems.
  • Exyn Technologies' exynAI™ software is a flexible, modular system to enable fully autonomous (pilot-less) flights for aerial robots operating in complex commercial environments.
  • Opertech Bio has developed a revolutionary approach to taste testing, covering the food and beverage, pet food, and pharmaceutical industries.