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Curated Connections - Founder Mentoring

Part of Introduced by Technical.ly

Get advice from experienced founders.

Meetings will be first come, first serve at the event. Each attendee will have a capped amount of meetings they can signup for to give everyone an equal chance of scheduling. Afterwards any additional slots leftover will be open to all attendees.

Each meeting will be 10 minutes long and each meeting host has the capacity to do up to 12 meetings.

  • Liz Brown, Cofounder of BCKG, Founder of Design Jawn and Managing Director of Backstage Capital Philadelphia
  • John Cardone, Founder and Owner, John Cardone Consulting
  • Andrew Hoagland, Cofounder & CEO, Vetd
  • Sujay Suresh Kumar, Cofounder and CTO, Lilu